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In the first month of the year you will be showing your leadership skills both in business and love. 

Last year was a little slow for you. this year you will do all the things that you couldn't achieve last year. you will be more courageous and you will go on with your goals. tending to email and host of other routine things you usually do in your everyday life. 

in 2016 you will find your love. this time it’s your turn to find ''the one’'

This year you are prettier than before. you will look after your self. you will start to do exercise and sport will be most of the part of your life. this year you will shine.

Actress Nurgül Yeşilçay will be more popular after March 25th.



You have a charm and your decisive and determine character will bring you everything that you need. this year you will live the success. you will write your own success story. 

in your relationship you will decide very quickly. you can marry suddenly. 

and this year you may have a baby as well. you can get ready for surprises..

demet akalın 28 april can have strong responses on the social media. 



You are easy going. And this is very positive side of you. you can enjoy life easily. but this year you will be more sure of yourself. 

In 2016 you will have discipline in your life.  This year you won’t  be busy with the details. You are very lucky because you will make money with your talents. You won’t be hesitant no more . you will be sure about your decision and specially in business your ideas will be very important and you will sign important projects.

In 2016 you will chose your people around you. This year you will look life in a positive way and you will be very happy Gemini. 

you will loose weight and your look will be very fit.  

Kerem Bursin after april 17th he will be popular with his relationship. 



In 2016 you will find safety in your life. Peace will surround your life and you will change many things this year. 

2016 will teach you not to be affraid of change. So many things will be changed in your life. you can even change your business in this year. you will feel very happy and peaceful this year. 

You will discover yourself. And you will love the life you live. You will look very healthy and fit this year. 

Serenay Sarıkaya after april 18th she will show what she can do about her love. 



You will be the king of your life. what you think in your mind you will live in your life. 

All the things that you didn’t realize until today now it’s the time to make them real. Organize your agenda because 2016 will be too fast.

You will quit things or relations that doesn’t make you feel the excitement. you will enjoy life and the moment. you will learn from the ethnic world. 

In 2016 you will gain weight but you will look healthy. you should be careful about your weight. 

Vildan Atasever

In 2016 she is may marry again. 



All the question marks will disappear this year. Your hard working and honest personality will be appreciated. This year you will be successful in your business. You should make a detailed business plan for this year. 

In 2016 you will have a serious relationship. You need to be careful about stress and you should reduce your workload. 

Berguzar Korel 

She will sign new projects this year. 



In 2016 you will have many good news. You will be in a good shape in finance. you will be successful this year. 

You will not affraid to say No. this year you will have many radical decisions. until today you were asking questions about your relations but after now you will get the answers. and the results will be great! 

Your health look well.  Day by day you will shine and you will look great. 


In april 2016 everybody will talk about him, mostly about his relationship he will make surprise to everyone. 



you will live the life that you dream in 2016. this year you will do investment and also you can concentrate on your self development. you can travel to the country that you dream to go.

you will live your love very passionately. you and your partner will be very happy. ıf you are single you can find the love of your life. 

you need to be careful for your immune system. 

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ

After 28 april he will be again on the magazine life. 



You will be in the center of your life. 

you will look to the past and you will try to understand what you did and what you couldn’t. you will make steps about your career. Maybe you can do another business or you can do extra work to make your wealth better and better. 

ın your relation ship you will solve everything by talking. you will find your self in this year.

you can be pregnant and you have your baby this year. ın 2016 you will have many good news. 

Sertab Erener 

after april 17th her marriage can break down. 



Hard working Capricorn will gain anything that you want and you deserve. 

As a big planner of success this year you will gain all the success that you dream of. you will do business that last long term. You will organize your life with your discipline and your rules. 

Before you settle down your business life and career you can not concentrate on your relationships and love affair. but 2016 will help you to make decision in every aspect. In order to that you can find yourself after a long term relation at the edge of wedding. So you can propose very soon. 

you work a lot. You need to stabilize your sleep . A good sleep is the key of success. 

Çağla Şikel 

after March 25th her new relation will make a big sensation.



you like changes and also you interrogate a lot. this year will bring you many courageous occasions and opportunities. 

you will interrogate your career this year. what do you want from life what do want to do in life etc you will ask these questions to your self.  Then you will find your way and you will do the business that you like. 

this time love will gain! ın 2016 your relationship ill be great mostly romantic time is waiting for you. 

Be careful for small accidents. 

Ajda Pekkan 

she will write a book about her life and about what she had been done until today. 



You will have many good memories in 2016. 

You will have the most important opportunity of your life this year. with this opportunity most of your time will be focused on your career. 

You will feel complete about relationship. for this reason all your decisions about relations will be more precise. ıf you are not happy with your relationship that you have now you can suddenly end it up and will find the right person that you look for. 

Your body look perfect and you will be careful about the sport that you do. 

Beren Saat

April 2016 everybody will talk about her marriage. 

Zeynep Turan
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